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Well renowned for her semi-abstract urban landscapes, Brussels based artist Bianca Prettau was influenced by the drawing techniques of her formal profession as architect, traditional rules of descriptive geometry, particularly in architectural drawing, combined with the artistic interpretation of the urban environment able to encapsulate a particular poetry.  Her art has been exhibited worldwide, starting with solo shows in Florence, then in biennials (Florence, Rome) and art fairs like MAG Montreux, Carrousel du Louvre, ART Monaco, RIAF Rotterdam, listed in CANON Contemporary Art Network in New York.

Her monumental cityscapes are complex, built from  geometric calculations to form bright and captivating imagery, finding beauty even in the grey concrete vista, often matched with the evocativeness of painting to convey discreet, but important messages as the face of today’s dramatic changes - from the ecosystem and environmental issues (FILON) to the global pandemic (Bivouac), or to the landing on Mars (Marsrover).


By using a unique technique, she twisted the use of traditional brushes with alternative tools, more commonly found in technical drawings such as grading rulers and compasses. As well as the particularly intricate method of conical perspective dimensional construction, which results in semi abstract 3-dimensional urban scenery.


Bianca Prettau's artworks are collected worldwide and featured in many art magazines and art websites, mainly and Singulart.

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