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'Urban' open collection is a semi-abstract series inspired by the practice of designing cities, representing in a sketched manner urban-scale panoramas, existing urban sites or neighborhoods; the vertical volumes painted in dynamic colored stripes (with metallic accents) profiled on the surface of the sky at different times of day or night engage familiar feelings related to the daily life scenes of the city.

10 departure
Hudson by night


DIY squeegee - 'raclage', here in two directions, horizontal and vertical (in exchange for one, à la Richter) using tape to outline the geometric pattern of the second layer. The series uses the same tools for technical drawing, the gradation lines to apply the painting as an ode to Richer's method.


Here on the contrary, the subtraction is done in the second layer by removing the tape glued to the first, the effect is to strengthen the depth of the two-dimensional, leaving the figurative technicality of the drawing by conical perspective in order to build the illusion of space. The chromatic palette is bright, the colours are vibrant aiming to propose an abstract collection fresh, lively and spontaneous.

00 hidden city
_DSC0900 diy


A figurative series dedicated to the youngest of us dealing with the pandemic, teens escaping in fantasy, fiction, action or adventure. The collection sums up the turning point when the values of freedom, joy and friendship are perverted and sniffed in forbidden evening "escapes", but hopefully these are nevertheless meant to reinforce themselves.

sapphire copy

Study Houses

Photogenic and iconic styled Californian houses of mid-century modernism, which are well known as set locations in Hollywood movies have provided the inspiration for this series.



Railways: "used for the transport of passengers and goods in trains", but the idea of the series is the "way", in sordid peripheral zones, train yards, no man lands, nomadic plains or crowded non-spaces, the railways are the only ones linked the distant points. With their graceful line, but firmly fixed to the sleepers on the ground, the parallel metal rails form a sublime endless ballet, crossing other lines, heated and shining in the sun, or frozen during Siberian nights, a speechless industrial beauty aimed by this series.

DSC0572 rails


Winter Series offers a new theme, a seasonal perspective of the semi-abstract landscape in few colours (or non-colours) sketching large volumes in conical perspective, shadows and irises from the snow, windows opening to the artist's 'happy place'. The canvases are painted with heavy body acrylics and alternative tools, such as drawing instruments.

w00P1040438 winter study
w_DSC0277 winter 2M
w00 midnight sun


'Flight' series is inspired by the flight of birds, the deconstruction in snapshots of their movement, reminiscent of the graphic 'simultaneity'. The surface of the canvas is treated here with ample gestures in dense layers of acrylic applied with a carved spatula on a thick cotton canvas.

FLIGHT00 landing paradise
FLIGHT00P1030865 glare
FLIGHTP1030565 nuages


Between nostalgia and visionary progression, the series presented in this show defines a balance we try to maintain in our acceptance of life, here or elsewhere. Through a succession of abstract expressionist canvases and concrete bas-reliefs using high-density modelling clay, "MARS series" aims to recall in its pictorial poetics the macroscopic textures of minerals discovered in the geodesic structure of planet Mars; Alongside an inquisitiveness for astrophysics, brought the artist to express the interrogation of metaphysics at the meeting of physics, the sublime to the confines of science through a concrete artistic approach. 


​Enrolled in this enquiry the artist's look for new images capable of express similarities between different sources of carbon-rich organic matters contained in geographic landscapes of breath-taking beauty; The resonance of gestural, supremacist or post-Cubist abstractions of Malevich, Hartung, Soulages and Hilma af Klint's methods of exploring the spiritual in art through uncanny drawings, become exponentially meaningful for MARS exhibition research, adding the newest imagery of the universe, after Cassini or Hubble's snapshots, or the first photography of a black hole captured by EHT Collaboration.

 As a default continuation of FILON's body of works with the main topic of the minerals on earth, Mars series unravels possibilities to endless views. MARS series aims to show the imaginary of "evolution", where minerals are associated with the extra/terrestrial kingdoms and the fascination of prolonging life in such spectacular landscapes. 

 MARS series stages the summary of an uncanny spectrum of black shades, which can easily vary upon the context, as over phase the light which gives through the same spot, the nuances from black to white, according to its index of refraction.

P1000086 DARK BLUR
P1017299 copy
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