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Prettaugallery is a young art studio located in Ixelles, Brussels-Capital in Belgium, which has recently played a dynamic role in the development and creation of contemporary urban art that has so far been collected worldwide by individual collectors, in the way that then now we dare to see bigger, to offer our creations to corporate collectors.


Art created in Prettau's studio is unique, as well as every inspiring second you spend in the city, reflected in our unique medium, large or monumental canvases.  Over a thousand canvases were collected in the past three years, the successful gallery's urban landscapes reported to individual collectors, at art galleries, art fairs, or in public auctions gave us the opportunity to expand our presence in corporate collections. 


You are invited as corporate members to engage in discussion with our curators, architects and directly with our artists about your plans to transform your workspaces or beautify the spaces you share with your own guests (hospitality, hotels, offices) and to commission pieces of art signed by us, Prettaugallery studio. 


You are welcome to share with us your thoughts and project requirements and to point out your favourite themes, and we will start working by providing you with CG sketches tailored to your interiors, then effectively creating the canvases to your request. After checking the artworks in their final drafts, we will paint the last corrections and they are ready to be shipped right to your enterprise address.


We are not 'offering services', we are offering directly the art created in our studio.

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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